Shop Designer

○ Job Responsibilities:

1, Shop design

Participates to brainstorming bringing fresh and creative ideas to the team.

Prepares hand sketches for concept presentations.

Prepares detailed technical drawings for each single piece of shops furniture and follows the directions given by the senior shop designer.

Works closely with VM team for furniture sizes and capacity guidelines for shops.

2, design guidelines

Assist in creating specific design guidelines.

Create shop design guidelines to be used by decorators when creating designs for specific locations.

Adapt the design to different locations, based on the different restrictions and requirements given by department stores.

3, material library

Source materials and build material library in HK for shop design, under the guidance of Senior Shop designer.

4, Research and competitor analysis

Keep up to date knowledge about new developments in the design industry, in particular regarding materials.

Create a library of material with prices, arrange with suppliers a material board for each brand.

○ Job Requirements:

1, familiar with design and decoration;

2, proficient in AutoCAD, 3Dmax, Photoshop, Lights cape, Illustrator and other computer software;

3, understand the market in other similar products brand, features and selling points;

4, understand the drawings, complete with independent interior design ability;

5, knowledge of the development of commercial space design industry. Familiar with various decoration materials and construction technology;

6, strong marketing capability, good communication skills;

7, with a sense of solidarity, work spirit;

8, there is a certain art foundation, has a unique view of design, have strong understanding ability and innovative thinking

VMD Designer

○ Job Responsibilities:

1, in accordance with the company's requirements, the proposed visual display design concept;

2, responsible for the complete set of display design, place a series of soft decoration work process;

3, responsible for on-site guidance to the project site.

○ Job Requirements:

1, interior design and related professional, has the fine arts foundation;

2, engaged in the soft outfit design experience for more than a year of work, with the terminal stores, model room, hotel soft outfit design experience space;

3, soft furnishings market layout, have deep understanding of various styles, style, prices have a certain understanding;

4, on display, furniture, lamps, fabrics, greening, crafts, painting and various patterns have distinctive views and strong visual collocation ability;

5, proficient in word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software, 3D, CAD, Photoshop, CorelDRAW and the corresponding image processing software.

Graphic Designer

○ Job Responsibilities:

1. Seasonal In store poster designing:

Produced print poster artwork quarterly according to poster size table and make arrangements with suppliers

2. Discount & event POP designing:

According to graphic designers’ design templates, design individual artwork based on regions requirements.

3. Online/Offline cooperation Design:

Work with Activities promotion / social network promotion’s colleagues to develop the activities, produce activities artwork.

4. PR promotion / Official Website update:

Update Star / PR campaign data monthly / update the official website quarterly

○ Job Requirements:

1. Above higher diploma/ Associate Degree, major in fine art and design;

2. At least 3 year of related work experience.

3. Proficiency in graphic design and website design, as well as the design software.

4. Creativity and imagination, high level of attention to detail, good communication skills both Chinese and English.

Fashion Buyers

○ Job Responsibilities:

1. Fashion buyers or designers, including bags, trinkets and other product design and development, responsible for quarterly product planning

2.Regular market research, timely grasp of market trends, sales status and competitors information

3. Make sample purchasing according to company style and follow up purchase order

4. Develop and maintain supplier resources, plant resources is a plus

○ Job requirements:

1. College or above, product design, clothing design related professional graduate, familiar with all kinds of office software

2. More than 2 years experience in design, development or buying products

3. Understanding of design, production process4. Have high sensitivity to fashion and be able to work independently

Shoe Designer

○Job Responsibilities:

1, Gathering of industry information

2, Sample shoe design and development

3, Product color design

4, Production tracking

5, Complete other tasks assigned by superior

○Job Requirements:

1, junior college degree or above in design, 2 years or above well-known brand shoes design and design team management experience;

2, familiar with all kinds of shoe-making materials, familiar with men and women shoes development, process and production process;

3, have a strong understanding of the brand concept, with brand pre planning, style positioning, product development, practical operation ability;

4, sensitive to market trends and has a great imagination;

5, have deep art foundation, hand-painted ability is strong, familiar with common design software;




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